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塑環真®循環杯 贊助會員方案(每年)


What challenges you encounter while planting trees?




Is it too windy to sapling?

Is it too dried to plant?

Is the survival rate of trees too low?  



"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

Planting trees is essential to preventing the climate crisis. Trees capture CO2 from the atmosphere and store the carbon in their leaves, stems, and roots, eventually increasing the carbon stored in soil. Therefore, many government, communities, education, NGOs and business start to plant tress around the world for reforestation.

Planting tree is not only to absorb CO2 , but also to stabilize coastlines and reduce costal erosion. However, if the land is lack of water/rain, or with poor soil and strong winds, the saplings would not survive under this severe environment.

Therefore, BlueOcean Vision developed BiotiCircular® Cocoon, a 100% biodegradable/compostable tree incubator, holds 15 liters of water to irrigate the plants in the critical first grow period. The cocoons provide a shelter for saplings to improve survival rate up to 90%.

◼ High survival (90%)

◼ Low maintenance and cost saving

◼ 100% biodegradable

|Blue Ocean Vision|

Founded in Taiwan, BlueOcean Vision has dedicated to developing the solution to plasticfree and carbon-reduction and is also the leading innovator in the field of Circular Economy.

Since 2016, we‘ve been working with the biggest tree planting NGO in Taiwan to restore forest. Through various programs, including planting trees on campus, afforestation on the coast, and planting trees with enterprises, we have planted over 520,000 trees with our innovative BiotiCircular® Cocoon in Taiwan and China. 

BiotiCircular® Cocoon

The planting solution of BiotiCircular ® Cocoon offers a low-cost, sustainable and scalable solution to plant trees in arid soils.
The product provides water and shelter while stimulating the seedling to produce a healthy and deep root, tapping into the sub-surface water supply. It enables the sapling to survive in extremely arid climates and as such, aid in reforestation efforts by eliminating irrigation and maintenance. Trees have been planted with the Hognosed Cocoon with survival rates of 90%.
The cocoon can be used for different projects or purposes:
◼ Ecosystem restoration
◼ Agroforestry
◼ City landscaping
◼ Urban farming

|How BiotiCircular® Cocoon works?|

|Benefits of BiotiCircular® Cocoon|

|Our Planting Projects|

|8 Simple Steps to Plant|

|BiotiCircular® Cocoon Specification|

|Contact Us|

Blue Ocean Vision Enterprise Co., Ltd.

No. 31, Ln. 17, Ziqiang N. Rd., Guishan Dist., Taoyuan City, 333023 , TAIWAN



Email us at zero@blueocean.vision for any enquiry.



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