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|Blue Ocean Vision|

BLUE OCEAN VISION founded in Taiwan and has dedicated to developing the solution to plastic-free and carbon-reduction and is also the leading innovator in the field of Circular Economy. We insist to provide our customers with reliable, sustainable, and innovative products/services.

Under our BiotiCircular product line, we developed compostable products with 100% wax-permeated fiber with plastic-free, water-colleting, and cost-saving.  There, the series of BiotiCircular are not only compositable but also competitive.

BLUE OCEAN VISION’s mission is Bring Possibilities beyond ZERO. With our comprehensive support and solution, we could value up your organization and together save the planet!

|WaterKeeper Coccon|

Highlights of WaterKeeper Cocoon:
1. Compostability: made of 100% recycling paper with patented wax-permeated fiber so the cocoon would decompose in the soil gradually one year later and wouldn't cause any burden to the forest. 
2. Water-keeping convenience:  with the water storage capacity up to 15 liters and with hole of the lid so as to collect the rain
3. Protection: increasing the hardness of the basin with the special design and patented  wax-permeated fiber to prevent the harms from wind, sunlight, weeds and also maintain the moisture and temperature for saplings.



  • Lid: L53cm x W32cm x H5cm
  • Body: L54cm x W34cm x H18cm
  • Cotton rope: L55cm*2pcs

Weight: 1,300g±10%

Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

Material: 100% recycled paper with wax-permeated fiber

Notes: The decomposable rate would vary with the factors of moisture, temperature, exposure to sunlight and the presence of microorganisms.

Only 9 Steps to Plant Saplings

① Dig a hole

② Put the saplings in place

③ Bury the strings 

④ Place the planter

⑤ Place the strings

⑥ Cover with soil

⑦ Add water

⑨ Cover Planter

⑩ Finished

Not clear? Go watch the video!

Contact Us|


Blue Ocean Vision Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 31, Ln. 17, Ziqiang N. Rd., Guishan Dist., Taoyuan City, 333023 , TAIWAN

Tel: +886-319-6799

E-mail: zero@blueocean.vision